It is said that, ‘the purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out’

How does anyone live in peace and harmony with others until we are at peace with who we as individuals are? 

We can help!

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about setting goals in any area of your life, relationships, work, health, spirituality, recreation, even finances that you the client want to work on and regularly receive support and feedback on how to reach your full potential!

Coaching is about taking risks and trying out new ways of thinking, allowing new ways of behaviour!


We offer individual or group training in the following areas:

  • Stress
  • Boundaries
  • Communication

We can tailor make a program for you and your company’s needs in a time frame that enables results.

About us

Eirene Counselling and Life Coaching is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and its purpose is to help and support people. Therapy allows us as individuals to deal with specific life challenges, enabling us to develop a clearer understanding of our concerns and helping us to acquire new skills to better manage our lives.


In Bulgaria, not everyone can afford to come for counselling for many different reasons.  Some are refuges, unemployed, students or families with a low income so even though we feel we have adjusted our fee to the local economy, the income and cost of living, and offer a sliding scale for people with low income, there are still some that come for counselling but cannot afford it.

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What our clients say

We have been trying for so many years and always focusing on what the other one could do to change and make our marriage work, you helped us both to change and look in and that made the difference!

We now understand what we need to do to let our marriage and relationship grow and to recognise what is important for us and our family!

I feel finally someone is listening to me, understands me and I can trust without being afraid of being judged for what I have done, or being told what is wrong with me, what I could do better or what I have to do to fit in!

I feel so secure and understood now I can talk straight to my parents how I feel about their expectations of me and my future without feeling anxious or feeling like I am letting them down.