The aim of counselling is for you, the client and the counsellor to try to figure out what is working in your life for you.  '"No man is an Island"', said John Donne.  We are relational beings that have been formed and developed by our key relationships, counselling explores present and past issues in how we relate to ourselves and others and seeks understanding and skills of how the client can live more fully.

If you would like to try out counselling, contact us and make an appointment.  The initial appointment is for one and a half hours, this is to explore what the issue is with the counsellor, and whether you think that the counsellor is the right person for you.  The counsellor would set up appointments for meeting once a week for a period of 6 weeks, after which both of you could decide whether or not you want to continue.


Counselling sessions 60 min cost 60 leva (30 euro)

We offer a sliding scale, which means the cost of counselling for you is linked with how much you earn.