Payment on-line for your personal Skype session, or if you want to help your friend or family member, use pay-pal

Counselling 1 hour 50 lv or €25

Coaching 1 hour 50 lv or €25

Couple counselling 1 ½ hour 70 lv or €35



In Bulgaria, not everyone can afford to come for counselling for many different reasons.  Some are refuges, unemployed, students or families with a low income so even though we feel we have adjusted our fee to the local economy, the income and cost of living, and offer a sliding scale for people with low income, there are still some that come for counselling but cannot afford it.

Counselling helps people to take the next step, to take significant decisions in their lives. If you would like to help us, help people to come from hopelessness to hope, from desperation to peace, from broken marriages to healthy marriages, be part of changing people’s lives, build up adults or children to deal with emotional, relational and spiritual issues.

Help us helping others!