Everyone experiences anxiety, the butterflies in their stomach before an exam or interview, lack of appetite before an important event, but chronic symptoms of the below occurring regularly, and making it nearly impossible for you to perform your home, school or work activities can be addressed and worked through successfully in therapy

·         Palpitations

·         Breathlessness /rapid breathing

·         Chest pains or discomfort

·         Choking or smothering sensation

·         Dizziness or feeling unsteady

·         Tingling or numbness

·         Hot and/or cold flushes

·         Sweating

·         Fainting

·         Trembling or shaking

·         Upset stomach/diarrhea

·         Headaches/migraines

·         Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing

·         Feeling of unreality

·         Tension in jaw/neck/shoulders

·         Jelly legs

·         Any other physical symptoms

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are one of the symptoms of a build-up of stress. This symptom is perhaps more frightening than nausea, headaches or diarrhea but is some ways it is a similar reaction.  People who experience panic attacks seem to be those who experience stress in their respiratory and cardiovascular system rather than in their muscular or gastrointestinal systems. 

What the client can expect in counseling?

A safe, confidential place to explore what is going on in the client that their body is responding to the anxiety provoking event as a threat.  The counselor will help the client understand the process of how the anxiety persists because of a spiraling viscous cycle between physical symptoms, worrying thoughts and changes in behaviors.  It is possible to change the whole cycle in first of all understanding how the cycle is triggered then challenging old thought patterns with new ways of thinking and behaving.