Anger is one of the first emotions we experience as small babies.  It is a very natural emotion born out of frustration and is a positive and constructive aid to survival.  Its function is to provide us with a vital boost of physical and emotional energy when we need it most. 

Anger can become a problem, when it occurs too frequently, is too intense, lasts too long, when it leads to aggression and when it disrupts our relationships.  Anger has been said to wrecks more relationships than any other emotion.  When our anger is creating problems for us either at home or at work, we need to learn ways of controlling it. 

When we get angry, a subtle chain of observable events occurs.  We may think we just ‘snap’ or it is controlled by what the other person does, but this is not the case. 

First an external trigger when something happens, second, we interpret that trigger, thirdly an increased level of physical arousal, muscles tense, heartbeat increased, breathing becomes more rapid. 

Often this chain of events occurs so quickly and automatically we are not aware of what has gone on. 


What the client can expect in counseling?

A confidential, non-judgmental place to explore what is going on in a person’s life that triggers the anger.  Anger management is about recognizing, breaking down and altering this sequence of events.  The first session is an assessment of 1 ½ hours to assess what is going on, then it is recommended to have 6 consecutive sessions of one hour length to look at core beliefs, thinking patterns and how to change them and the resulting behavior. The counsellor and the client will then review what needs to happen next!