We have been trying for so many years and always focusing on what the other one could do to change and make our marriage work, you helped us both to change and look in and that made the difference!

We now understand what we need to do to let our marriage and relationship grow and to recognise what is important for us and our family!

I feel finally someone is listening to me, understands me and I can trust without being afraid of being judged for what I have done, or being told what is wrong with me, what I could do better or what I have to do to fit in!

I feel so secure and understood now I can talk straight to my parents how I feel about their expectations of me and my future without feeling anxious or feeling like I am letting them down.

Now I can understand that this is not my fault and I don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed anymore.

Thank you for helping me with my child, they are now free.

This has changed my whole life, thank you so much!

My child and I are finally able to talk to each other.

Thank you for the hope I feel I finally have.